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Maison Hotel is a bohemian fashion label which fuses effortless simplicity with a laid-back, rustic coastal spirit. After two eye-opening journeys, we decided to create a brand which epitomizes a code of living founded on authenticity: one which is inspired by an urge to travel, an embracement of diversity and a life long love affair with the ocean (read the full story here).

Carefully selected soft-flowing fabrics, subtle colour palettes, custom prints and touches of traditional yet reinvented artisan weaving techniques and embroideries all contribute to the brand signature. Maison Hotel puts forward a casual yet elegant wardrobe with comfortable and timeless pieces that can be worn during the day and during the night.

A wanderer by soul, the Maison Hotel woman has tasted life yet still craves for new adventures. She believes that home is much more than a physical place; more than a structure which you can open with the turn of a key. For her, home is where your heart is.

The objective of Maison Hotel is simple: for us to be a small part of your great journey.

  “Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home”