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Maison Hotel - Spring Summer 2017

Maison Hotel's Spring Summer 2017 collection is inspired in the Costa Vicentina - a different part of Portugal's Algarve where the preserved nature has a strong, wild character and where the resulting landscapes are of breathtaking majesty.

Inspired by this rugged coastline, our collection combines subtle print stories and embroidered pieces which blend machine, free-motion and hand embroidery techniques. 

About Us

Maison Hotel is a bohemian fashion label which fuses effortless simplicity with a laid-back, rustic coastal spirit.

After an eye-opening journey to the French island of La Réunion, we decided to create a brand which epitomizes a code of living founded on authenticity: one which is inspired by an urge to travel, an embracement of diversity and a life long love affair with the ocean...


Let us be a small part of your great journey