Maison Hotel - Our Story

Coming from the fast-paced corporate world, we took the decision to go into slow mode. Feeding our eternal curiosity by travelling, building meaningful connections and spending time near the ocean we learned about creativity’s capacity to heal. 
After an unusual set of events which culminated in a bizarre encounter with a French chef-cum-fashion designer in Jaipur, we decided to create Maison Hotel - a bohemian fashion brand inspired by what we love, and by all things authentic.
Without any prior knowledge of the fashion industry yet obsessed with this recently acquired code of living, we embarked on a self-directed voyage on fashion design, traditional weaving techniques and distinct embroidery styles with the aim of creating timeless pieces with a vintage spirit. 
From idea inception and fabric sourcing in Rajasthan to driving our camper for campaign shoots and subsequent presentations at showrooms across Europe, the curious nature of our story has ensured that both of us nurture the process from start to finish.
Maison Hotel is currently available in over 250 multi-brand boutiques worldwide.
Samuel & Amrit